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Cam, a Fleming Island resident and transgender 27-year-old, is stepping into the spotlight as a transgender man and will be a panelist for a discussion on transgender families hosted by We Are Straight Allies later this month.
and Paladins' snubbing the traditional fantasy concepts and putting in those insanely awesome techno-fantasy/science fantasy twists is what drew me to the game so passionately in the first place. And why shortbow isn't suitable weapon for her, Hi-Rez? I know, I was the first one to whine about having two generic archers inside a really small champion pool, but feralknights has a point - she was there first and many people like her design. It's more than it's visual mechanics, it's just ... I realize that I'm dating myself here, but the last time I had seen a bow with this type of spin and style was back in the days of the PS2, and it's been far too long.