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Niederauer, a retired San Francisco archbishop who helped lead a contentious and successful 2008 California ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage, died May 2, 2017 of lung cancer. Newsday's obituary for Brody Stephens Jean Stein, the literary editor and author known for producing engrossing oral histories on topics as disparate as the tumultuous life of an Andy Warhol acolyte and the dastardly intrigues of early Hollywood, died April 30, 2017. Newsday's obituary for Jean Stein Former Washington Gov. Newsday's obituary for Mike Lowry Steppenwolf Theatre artistic director Martha Lavey, an indefatigable, unstinting and intellectually voracious artistic director who reinvented Chicago's most audacious and aggressive theater for a new era, died April 25, 2017 after a second stroke.