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WE ARE ACTIVELY SEEKING CONSIGNMENTS FOR UPCOMING AUCTIONS. Click here to take a look at the high res catalog ! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ These knives were featured in Auction 96 that closed in December 2016. ) ------------------------------------------- Auction 92 is over. ______________________________________ Auction 90 closed in Feb. ------------------------- Bidding has CLOSED for Auction 88 that featured Part 1 of one of the largest KA-BAR and Remington collections ever assembled--plus Case, knife handle material for knifemakers, and a Naked Lady Logo Loveless with walrus ivory handles and much more! Auction ---------------------------------------------------------- Auction 87 has closed. Last day for bids was September 24, 2015 CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT YOU MISSED ----------------------------------------------------------------------- AUCTION 86 is over! ------------------------------------------------ AUCTION 85 Ended June 2, 2015 Makers include Early Lile, Busse, Hibben, huge collection of Spyderco and modern Case knives, plus vintage Remington knives. Click here for the high res catalog of 283 plus lots ---------------------------- Auction 81 Ended Feb. In 1989, Bruce, as Jagged Joe, Joseph Utsler, as Kangol Joe, and John Utsler, as Master J, released the single titled Party at the Top of the Hill under the name of JJ Boys, but they did not pursue a serious career in music.Joe bought his own karaoke machine and, along with Joey and John Utsler, formed the music group Inner City Posse, named after their gang. The other flyer was for Violent J's new solo album titled "Karma Forest" said to be released in 2016.Armageddon fared better at the box office, while astronomers described Deep Impact as being more scientifically accurate.

They kept the butterfly in a jar overnight, and intended to free it the following morning.

The truth under those tacky, beautiful wraps could drastically bump up the price for sale–on e Bay, Craig’s List, retail, and private–of Pearl drums, especially the 1960s so-called stencil-brand rickety budget drum kits. I described my experience acquiring such a drum kit in these pages.

Remember me ranting at length and in wonder of the tone emanating from the budget Coronet drumset, the one that cost me well under US?

Also along with Utsler, Bruce is the co-founder of the professional wrestling promotion Juggalo Championship Wrestling.

Joe's mother, Linda, was forced to care for him and his siblings, Robert and Theresa, off the income she made as a janitor.