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Who is jason statham dating now

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Somewhere between the high octane Transporter movies and amphetamine-explosion of Crank, Jason Statham transformed into The Stath: an unashamedly irony-free, quip-happy, stunt-berserk superhero to cheer on as he scissor-kicks baddies’ noses into their frontal lobes - old school action’s last man standing.

Off-screen, he’s the strong, silent type, preferring to be modest about his martial arts and driving skills and quiet about his personal life – though it’s difficult to be low-key with the likes of Kelly Brook and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on your arm.

And that’s all they need is at least a few girls on the prowl tonight and start having.

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actor, 47, have been dating for five years but have been famously private about their relationship.

While they will attend events together, they give few details on their romance and rarely speak about one another to the press.