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Danson was "the Aramis Man" in ads, and in the mid-1970s he appeared on the daytime drama Somerset with Sigourney Weaver and Jo Beth Williams.

In his film debut, he portrayed a bagpipe-playing cop in The Onion Field.

He began appearing in the soap opera "Somerset", and worked in commercials and as a guest actor in television. He was asked to audition for the role of Sam Malone, and was one of three finalists, along with Fred Dryer and William Devane.

The shows he appeared in included "Laverne and Shirley", "Benson", "B. Dryer was the initial choice, as the producers envisioned Sam as a former football player, and Dryer had played professional football.

The cast once conspired to photograph Danson in the shower, but “things didn’t go according to plan.” Kirstie says, “George Wendt kicked the door open. He is also gentle, childlike, fragile, and sensitive.” Be sure to take Alley’s revelations with a lot of salt.

She also claims she and John Travolta fell in love during star George Wendt, was rushed to the hospital with chest pains.” Oh, you didn’t know Sudeikis and Wendt were related?

The NBC executives favored Danson, however, based on his on-screen chemistry with Shelley Long.

He also won two Golden Globes for his work on Cheers.

would become the last blast of pre-irony prime-time.

There was no callous snark, no deconstructive riffs, and only a handful of time-stamped pop-culture references. But despite its elemental simplicity, the show sparked a quiet revolution in the way TV comedy was produced, with each half-hour episode playing into a soap-style arc of love, death, and bar-bets that would go on for eleven seasons.

"And they're still pouring in there," says Dukakis.

"With all due respect to Bunker Hill and Faneuil Hall, I think it continues to be the most popular attraction in Boston." was very difficult, because we were serving the ecutive producers, and we were trying to serve our own idea of what was funny and what was a good story. Jimmy was an in-house director_,_ and we were producers, and we had a lot of communication together.