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Because of strong interest in this topic, we decided to explore the other side of the dynamic through the lens of psychology; specifically borrowing from the school of You may be wondering what that term … Well, mindfulness is nothing more than a state of awareness that focuses your total span of attrntion on the here and now.Tracing its roots back to ancient Buddhism, mindfulness teaches people how to live in the moment and be one with their environment.Have you purposely excluded someone from your friendship circle because you think that he’s not good enough to be your friend?Chances are that you yourself don’t feel worthy enough to be loved by others. The loudest people are often the most afraid, the most confident often the most anxious and the most popular are often the loneliest.The suggestions that you are about to read comes to us from readers who identify as bottoms, combined with wisdom from tops who actively engage in mindful based love making.Some of these tips may strike you as common sense while others will cause you to pause and reflect.I could have entitled this post ‘Why people are so mean to each other’ because the reason is common across all sexualities.

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Why do spread rumours, leave hurtful messages on social media and ostracise others from within our own community?

The simple answer is insecurity and what is insecurity? When we see people doing something for which we negatively judge them it’s because it stirs something within ourselves that we do not like.

What traditions and roles that our heterosexual counterparts have for dating are applicable for us, if any? The key is to have fun with dating and take a light approach.

Dating is both an art and a science in my belief, combining common sense decision-making with self-awareness of what one wants and needs for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.