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Updating p300 an integrative theory of p3a and p3b

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Conscious visual representations must be generated rapidly enough to affect behavior advantageously. However, the network activation that supports visual perception is complex and involves many spatially segregated brain areas (1).As a result, certain integration delays must ensue for successful perceptual analysis to be achieved.Generally speaking, improbable events will elicit a P3b, and the less probable the event, the larger the P3b.

More specifically, this ERP component has played a key role in cognitive psychology research on information processing.

Here, viewing unmasked, threshold-duration images was combined with recording magnetoencephalography to quantify differences among perceptual states, ranging from no awareness to ambiguity to robust perception.

A four-choice scale was used to assess awareness: “didn’t see” (no awareness), “couldn’t identify” (awareness without identification), “unsure” (awareness with low certainty identification), and “sure” (awareness with high certainty identification).

When the latency jitter is compensated offline, the difference between accuracies is not significant. The lower temporal stability of the P300 evoked potential generated during the tasks performed in covert attention modality should be regarded as the main contributing explanation of lower accuracy of covert-attention ERP-based BCIs.

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