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Updating cisco router ios

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First, make a note of your current IOS feature set (IP Base, Advanced Security, Advanced IP Services, Advanced Enterprise Services, etc.) - looking at the show version and/or on the current image name will help you identify the feature set.Second, find out how much DRAM and FLASH your router is equipped with - again, the show version is your friend here.Let's look at how you can get this important upgrade finished in four steps.As you know, you can only upgrade your IOS if you meet the following criteria: Going forward, we're going to assume you meet all three criteria.

It uses a few different commands, and the IOS and other files come compressed in a file.Hi Ozhan, The latest 12.4T version you can find at: List.x?rel Ver=12.4.24T4&mdfid=279316777&sft Type=IOS Software&opt Plat=&nodecount=6&edesignator=ED&model Name=Cisco 2801 Integrated Services Router&tree Mdf Id=268437899&tree Name=Routers&modifmdfid=&imname=&hybrid=Y&imst=N&lr=YI would advise to use the same feature set, hence the file to download is:c2801-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.That article focused primarily on upgrading routers.This week, I want to discuss what you specifically need to know to upgrade a Cisco Catalyst switch.Knowing how get help will make your job easier as Cisco IOS includes thousands of commands with numbers of switches and parameters.