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Flash forward some several years, and I’m in college, about to embark on the longest relationship that I have had to date.

The man in question is a spoilt Slovakian jerk, and this is revealed in a horrifying manner to me, when a mutual friend is sent to hospital because of the violence on the football field thanks to my dear beau.

Many do give up on dating altogether, saying, “I’d rather be single than be with the wrong person”. After a string of really bad first dates or a dry spell with no dates, it might begin to feel like there are no good people to date. I’ve been there, done that, and I have the T shirt to prove it. Instead of giving up, you can focus on trying to stay positive throughout your search for love.

But is the only alternative is to give up and quit dating? If you want to find a loving partner, it’s far from your best option. I’ve met so many people who have stopped leaving their house to meet people and date, and they’re wondering why they’re still single. She hasn’t been on one date since her divorce, and she’s very resistant to dating online. Or even better, that the man of her dreams would just drop out of the sky and knock on her door. Leaving your house is essential to finding a partner. Talk to people in line at the grocery store, at the post office and the library.

The fader and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months. They’re choosing instead the cat n’ vibrator model, which used to be the saddest of tropes.

( seeing, not just scheduling appointments to bang). But it exists for a reason: it is more reliable than a man.

I sent the male in question untold number of reproachful, schoolmarmish texts. I told him over tiny chalices of flora-laden water laced with gin that I understand anxiety and would try to support him through it, but that regardless of the reason, I couldn’t be involved with tepid men. My distress wasn’t merely about having been rejected, though that was part of it.

When I am not writing columns I spend my time in an office which works with and for young people.

Last year we tried a new event for young adults which we called Dating & Degustation.

◊♦◊ It’s easy to forget that if you are dating for a serious relationship, you are only looking for one special person. There’s someone for everyone, and it’s amazing when you find that special someone.

All the people you go out with have too much baggage, are too needy, have major financial issues or no common interests. Besides, who wants to date a grouchy bitter person?