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Read More Substantially fewer reported using the Internet for the specific purposes of identifying potential sexual or marital partners." Faye Mishna, Alan Mc Luckie, and Michael Saini, co-authors of the Oxford Journal article Real-World Dangers in an Online Reality: A Qualitative Study Examining Online Relationships and Cyber Abuse, reported the results of their research and observation of over 35,000 individuals between the ages of 6 and 24 who have been or currently are a part of an internet relationship.

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series launched to fanfare last month, but even I underestimated how popular it would be. "You'll fall in love with him," pledged another.Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that publicists would be pitching me their A-list clients to go on "dates" with. Flattering, for sure, but just like too much chocolate isn't always such a good thing, neither are too many hot guys. ) So we're carefully choosing our On a Date With...

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The so-called “butterfly effect” extends to Raimy’s mother, Julie (Devin Kelly), her boyfriend, Daniel (Daniel Bonjour) and her childhood friend, Gordo (Lenny Jacobson).

This subversive little paranoia-inducing cyberpunk-thriller is for you and would not have been possible without your support.

In the pilot episode of “Frequency,” the new CW drama based on the 2000 sci-fi movie of the same name, Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith, “Nashville,” “90210”) comes to a startling realization: his 28-year-old daughter Raimy (Peyton List, “Mad Men,” “The Tomorrow People”) — who he is talking to 20 years in the future, thanks to a freakish ham radio — is older than he is.

The two stars of the series felt a similar strangeness in the casting: they are only eight years apart in age and have been friends for 10 years. in this father-daughter relationship is totally weird.

We have so many mutual friends and they just cannot get over the fact that this is happening,” List, 30, tells The Post. we didn’t have to spend the first couple of days getting to know each other and establishing a relationship, that was already done.” Wednesday’s premiere episode (9 p.m.