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So now Joe seems to be dating Rocsi while vacationing in Bora Bora.Check out the pics and see for yourself along with 5 other entertainers that Rocsi’s dated.She’s dated from young to old, including Eddie Murphy, Bruno Mars, Terrance J, 50Cent and many more. We say allegedly because both Joe and Rocsi are subliminally posting pics in the same location with the same hashtags.It seems she is an aggressive dater, and some folks have said that she’s even a home wrecker.But if you record your tune on your i Phone, put it on social media, you own it – it's your idea and you've got your own business.That's the message I want to get out to young people.Thom, who was born in Banff 31 years ago and was raised in Macduff, met Bonamassa a few years ago when he lost his voice while on tour and found himself in urgent need of a singer. The company president really believed in my enthusiasm in building this mini-empire.

"I wish," she said recently, "I could communicate to people what a beautiful part of the world it is." She lives with her partner Joe Bonamassa, the virtuoso blues guitarist. It can chill you out – that's probably why most people go there – but at the same time you have businesses to run.“After exploring so many avenues – I was in a hard rock band, I did two years of doing traditional blues, we did The Three Kings tour, the album with Mahalia [Barnes], the stuff I do with Beth Hart – I woke up one day and thought that what I am really good at is blues rock,” he says.“That’s actually probably what I’m best at, and I should get back to doing what I do best.After 18 years, the group has released a video clip, performing together and they chose one of their 1993 classics, which showcased everyone’s talents ? According to documents obtained by Kandi Burruss has won a major victory against ?IN April 2006, in an interview with The Herald magazine, Sandi Thom expressed a simple wish.I didn't care how many people I had to rub the wrong way.