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Everything is coded by you, and we do not make use of external packages.This flash game tutorial shows you how to start your development from the basics, a blank slate.You will learn techniques to do collision hit test between the player and the apple game objects.This flash game tutorial will guide you on how to make one of the most classic video games, Pong.The second decision which will shape your game: Who is your main character, and what is their sexuality?The following options will make a huge difference: Any of the above could conceivably be crossdressers.Train at the swimming pool solidly twice a day until Friday Day 12, increasing your Strength and Charm and gaining money.As a rough guide, provided you are using Hyper Hentai mode properly, you will need Strength 30 to win a Grade C race, Strength 60 to win Grade B, and Strength 120 to win Grade A. You can get free coffee (and medicine) by doing the Tutorial fight at the Fight Club as many times as desired.

The English-speaking Ren Ai Game community has too many examples of games which only had demos, or which never amounted to more than ambitious plans.This short flash game tutorial walks you through some game design concepts and theories. These easy-to-read short articles will share more with you.It hopes to help you frame up your game development process by providing some guiding principles. The flash game tutorials here show you how to make a flash game from scratch.Any of them could have one or more transgendered people or bifauxnen as potential love interests. 23rd, 2014 from – pm Where: Notman House, 51 Sherbrooke Ouest Language: English Cost: FREE : D Do you have a weird and great idea for a dating sim or a visual novel?Hidden fight mode for free relationship points: ----------------------------------------------- To get free relationship points without too much work, go to the pub, click "Easy", then click the second option.