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If you do this, you may face serious criminal charges.

Turkey Drop (Wallet/Money Drop) Scam: An unsuspecting tourist spots a wallet or packet of cash on the ground.

They demonstrate their trust in one another by sharing bank and credit card accounts and ownership of property, such as cars and houses. immigration authorities usually expect applicants to prove that they share their lives in a way similar to what is described above.

You should think carefully before marrying someone and sponsoring them to come to Canada, especially if: If you sponsor your spouse, you must give them financial support for three years even if the marriage or relationship fails.

Our officers are trained to recognize real immigration applications. They have many ways to spot marriage fraud, including: Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are in a marriage of convenience for immigration reasons may be charged with a crime.

Don’t be tempted by offers of money or other rewards to marry a person just so he or she can immigrate to Canada.

They subject marriage-based immigrants to a longer and more detailed personal interview than other applicants go through, as well as a two-year testing period for couples who have been married less than two years when their green card is approved or when they enter the U. By requiring more of married couples than of others, the U. government has set up a system that gives it a lot of information about whether a marriage is the real thing or not. The "normal" married couple has a fair amount in common. They live together and do things together, like take vacations, celebrate important events, birthdays, and holidays, join clubs or gyms, and have sex and children.

Typical couples also combine financial and other aspects of their lives after marriage.