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Not that that is a bad thing: the script by John Guare is brilliant. [...] See more » SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION is an outstanding play transformed to the screen with dignity but with a script that keeps us in the live theatre instead of in a motion picture.But the narrow world inhabited by the Kittredges and their public status as people interested in the arts make them easy prey for Paul (Will Smith).Paul, a skillful con-artist, mysteriously appears at their door one night, injured and bleeding, claiming to be a close college friend of their Ivy League kids, as well as the son of Sidney Poitier.Since our airwaves are filled with crap like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, it was nice to see a drama that was not too soap opera like.It was always intriguing to see how each character would be connected to the next circumstance.As the new pledges arrive, so does an uninvited guest.

This was one of Will Smith's entries into film as well as one of the gifted Stockard Channing's finest roles.

When beloved New England handyman Jack Reid becomes the victim of a violent murder, police have no choice but to look for a killer among his many clients and adoring family.

The suspect they ultimately uncover is a sociopath that no one saw coming.

In October 1983, Hampton came to the Elliott's New York apartment and they allowed him to spend the night.

The next morning, Inger found Hampton in bed with another man and later called the police.