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dnscache is a recursive resolver, intended to be listed in 's "nameserver" entry. It imposes restrictions on what it will return; that's why it was written.

If our Name Server is not working our host cannot access any resource on the network. So we had better have more than one Name Server in case of failure.Resources can be added, moved, changed or deleted at a single location - the Name Server.At a stroke network management was simplified and made more dynamic.A Domain User account exists and is used for registration credentials I've tried unsecure updates, secure with AD integrated, I've tried having the DHCP server do all the updates regardless of client settings with and without registration credentials.Each time I've tried a new configuration, I've deleted the DNS and lease in case there's a permissions problem.This guide will show you how to complete the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick initial setup and get you to the home screen without updating the device’s software.