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Plm equipment growth fund v liquidating trust

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Bond trusts pay monthly income, often in relatively consistent amounts, until the first bond in the trust is called or matures.

1 FINANCIAL INVESTORS TRUSTSTONEBRIDGE SMALL-CAP GROWTH FUNDSupplement dated June 8, 2016to the Prospectus and Statement of Additional Information, each dated August 31, 2015,for the Stonebridge Small-Cap Growth Fund,a series of Financial Investors Trust (the “Trust”)The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Trust, based upon the resignation of Stonebridge Capital Management, Inc.

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Unlike open-end and closed-end investment companies, a UIT has no board of directors.

As is the case with any redemption of fund shares, these liquidation proceeds will generally be subject to federal and, as applicable, state and local income taxes if the redeemed shares are held in a taxable account and the liquidation proceeds exceed your adjusted basis in the shares redeemed.

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