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Here's how to get some of that space back, and why it disappeared to begin with.

Pisces dating a capricorn

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He often claims that more is less but that only applies to him.

The more you think you are finding out about him the less he is likely to want to tell you.

As emotionally guarded as she can be, she’ll love you eternally and expect you to do the same for her.

He will love his freedom and like the fish his sign is named after, he could easily be a slippery person to be with.

A Lunar T-Square and a Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs on Monday and Sunday also bring a certain emotional volatility to the beginning and end of the week. continued »by Emily Trinkaus Ruled by Mercury -- the wing-footed messenger god -- airy Gemini is the connector and communicator, circulating ideas and information.

Here is a general overview of this week's energy, valid for all. Whether you're a Gemini, a fellow Air sign like Libra or Aquarius, or one of the nine other horoscope signs, you'll definitely feel this fast-paced, flirty influence while the Sun is in Gemini ...

continued » Get ready to give up your gift of gab -- at least for a while. We expect two people born at almost the same time, with similar genetics and raised in the same environment to be very similar.

Chatty Mercury moves into slow-and-steady Taurus on May 16, 2017. And most of the time they are, but it's the exceptions that are used to challenge Astrology.