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I'm not into BDSM/Scat/Watersports/Age Play/Incest/Mistresses and Slaves/Rough or Violent Sex/being a Dom or a Sub or other assorted taboos. I'm here looking for fun people to talk dirty with. Xk Let's not kid ourselves. If you're a member of the fairer sex, have an appreciation for grammar, and a restless mind in need of... She wraps herself in a mystery, which rarely consents to reveal its secrets.

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This site contains nudity and dialogue sexual in nature.

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I love role-playing characters and I have no limits.

I like detailed chat / roleplay, and I really love voice chat. Feel free to say hi in private if you see me in chat!

It's so sexy to talk to an anonymous woman on the phone, to know that I'm exciting her, t... Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss questions or concerns. I had an account here until about 5 years ago and I met a lot of great fr...