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In its original definition, a varve was a sedimentary feature in a proglacial lake, consisting of a couplet of coarse and fine sediment.

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During its 16-year run on Broadway, I saw the show five times.

The film is faithful to the stage version, and even improves on it in some respects.

Building off of Objectivism, the foundation of Objectivist Sexuality is objectivity.

Dating is upheld as a rational and individualistic process to find another person of romantic interest.

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I delighted in reading 'The Roots of Gender: Defining Femininity and Masculinity.' It is the only piece I have read from the Objectivist perspective.The purpose of Objectivist Sexuality: An Outline for Happily Ever After, written from the viewpoint of Ayn Rands philosophy of Objectivism, is to provide a principled approach to dating, sex, and relationships. Just as Objectivism begins by studying the nature of man, so Objectivist Sexuality begins by studying the nature of man and woman.Although philosophical in nature, it has a very practical purpose in mind: helping people define, seek, and ultimately find the love of their life. From this, an objective definition of gender is given.For these reasons, Objectivism holds that one should be honest in relationships, especially with a lover."Cheating," as it is normally thought of, involves hiding what one is doing or sneaking around.Objectivism also holds that integrity is a major virtue.