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This was also the network’s highest-rated rookie series ever among men aged 25-54.“We are really pleased that so many shared the wild ride of Harley And The Davidsons,” Rich Ross, Group President for Discovery, Animal Planet and Science, said today in a statement.He covers these costs by building them into the rent he charges his tenant.For example, if the yearly rent is ,000 and he estimates the additional costs to be ,000, the effective rent he charges the tenant is ,000 annually.The two upright arms of the frame are slotted at the two open ends to retain the piano wire woven through the fabric to make up the fourth side of the frame without causing a shadow.Open Ends are used to control or manipulate light falling on certain areas of the set or subject.Discovery boasted this afternoon it’s the network’s most watched “series” ever, excluding documentaries. The six-hour miniseries about the birth of the iconic motorcycle brand unspooled in two-hour blocks over three consecutive nights September 5-7.

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Adding this item changes the date to match the rest of your cart. Open End Frames are made of spring steel with a 3/8" pin and support which can be used to hang the Scrim from the C Stand handle when not in use.

They can be used to soften or reduce light without a noticeable edge.

A color coded binding is used around the frame to identify the fabric.

One of the main reasons is that women are turned off by this type of advertising. The Gender and Media Monitor (Issue #8) cites research showing that in the UK, two thirds of women felt that advertisers go too far in using sex to sell their product.

Other research shows that in Canada, up to 74% of women are often or sometimes offended by the portrayal of women in advertising.