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Colin Farrell full name Colin James Farrell is a renowned actor from Ireland.He is popular it the world for portraying his role in the movies like The Recruit, Tiger land and many more."He was always getting his bits out when he'd had a few, so much so that we nicknamed him 'Cock Out Colin'," said a crew member."We thought it was hilarious but Angelina didn't, and eventually had enough and said she was leaving." Jolie, 28, subsequently moved to the Sofitel in Marrakesh, taking her adopted Vietnamese son, Maddox, with her.Better get some tissues for the drink you're gonna spew back out on your computer screen! According to whispers around Tinsel Town, it's recently been revealed that Angelina Jolie was desperately infatuated with Colin Farrell back when they filmed . Keep reading to see who Angelina has loved (and lost) over the years.He is the hellraiser of Hollywood with an insatiable appetite for sex, drink and drugs.

Irishman Farrell, who is starring as Alexander the Great in the epic, began his trip staying - at great expense - at Marrakesh's La Mamounia, one of the world's top hotels.

Angelina Jolie “desperately” wanted Colin Farrell but had to settle for Brad Pitt, according to Perez Hilton’s latest breathless, abominable “reporting.” The blogger, who occupies a reality only he can see, claims Jolie was “infatuated” with Farrell when the duo filmed together nearly a decade ago.

Citing “whispers around Tinsel Town” as the basis for his allegations, Perez explains, “Every week they were sleeping together, with her feelings for him growing stronger and stronger.” But Jolie’s emotions “were NOT reciprocated,” claims the sensationalist extraordinaire, who says that Farrell “rejected more hook-ups during the promotion of the film.” That supposedly opened the door for Pitt, who worked on .

All of his danger and talent supposedly got her panties so wet, it's said that she would even send him naughty voicemails and video!!

Every week they were sleeping together, with her feelings for him growing stronger and stronger.