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They may be bingeing and purging, abusing drugs and alcohol, or engaging in other behaviors that can destroy health and sometimes be fatal.The therapeutic relationship is a special one, characterized by exceptional vulnerability and trust.I was a second-year master’s student in a clinical psychology program and it was one of the first days that I was working at my first-ever clinical externship—a residential treatment facility for adolescent males who had sexual behavior problems.

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This way of thinking is intended to be protective of clients and can help prevent various kinds of abuses, up to and including taking advantage of clients sexually. In a committed relationship, you can break up and go separate ways. However, does your client ever stop being your client, no matter how much time has elapsed since the end of treatment?Among students, senior clinicians, and many faculty, this is a near universal opinion. Before you read further, let me be absolutely clear.When people are hurting, unhappy, frightened, or confused, they may seek help from a therapist.They may be depressed, perhaps thinking of killing themselves.As distinctive and positive as it is, this concept lends itself to developing secondary relationships.