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While men traditionally have been the more unfaithful sex, gender roles are reversing in some cases as more women experience cybersex.

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Host Adam Savage and executive producer Dan Tapster revealed as much in an interview with Entertainment Weekly published Friday.Belleci and Byron joined the show in 2004, and Imahara in 2005, and announced they would be departing the program in August.Manning the post as the only on-screen female Myth Buster, Kari Byron is doing more than just solving burning questions of curious viewers around the world.

They test-fired some of the weapons in the Red Jacket shop and watched as the staff re-tested a myth previously busted by the Build Team: that a propane tank could explode if struck by a bullet.He graduated from San Francisco State University in 1994 and started working as running errands, gopher, and cleaning the shop.He is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.Since then, she has shown off more than just her romper with risqu© photos in FHM Magazine, becoming one of the most fantasized about engineers of all time. And so I came to Jamie in the shop, M5 Industries and asked for an internship.BLAST: Can you describe your first TV show experience? Crazy and most amazing classroom she got to play Mother Nature in our school play. Got an internship with Jamie, and it turns out my first day as an intern was the first day Mythbusters started filming there.(Aged: 46), This Hollywood star maker is 6 feet tall.