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The name was also a way of disguising their practices behind a Catholic façade.Most modern day practitioners whose branches of the religion have their roots in Cuba, like to call themselves Lucumi practitioners and the religion, Santeria is sometimes also called” La Regla De Ocha.” (The rule of the Orisha).To explode some of the myths, here are some things you should know about Santeria.

Depending on the particular orisha that they want to please, Santerians use certain colors and certain animals and play particular drum beats during their rituals.Jiggling them between both palms, he let them fall to the table like dice. Oddly enough, I began to find his cavernous chants soothing instead of disconcerting.The way the cowrys lay is said to reveal a person’s fate. I felt unusually light of spirit, as though something had been freed in me The santero pulled petals from the white flowers and put them into the empty jar I’d brought.The music played is of great importance because it helps to coax the orisha into "mounting" or possessing the priest.As the orisha mounts the priest, the priest's body dances the particular dance of that orisha.Leaning back in his chair, he closed his eyes and cocked his head to one side, listening intently to the silence, possibly taking a nap. The santero seemed to be providing me with my own, fully customized set of commandments. In bed that night, Peter remarked on my new perfume. He poured in oil and herbs, mixed them together, carefully contemplating the contents, then thoughtfully adding more.