People survival guide to online dating

Photos are essential to get noticed, however adding a video will increase your chances of finding a great fuck buddy.

Being too available dating using old photos on dating sites

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So what we need to do is train ourselves to be enigmatic and elusive and stop being so available.

When you meet someone you like, by all means get started down the dating path but ensure that you keep to your own plans and commitments and don't be available every day.

The only problem being, it can leave you “Too Available”. If we continue down this path of being available 24/7, it is possible that by being too available we cheapen our own attractiveness, we become far less rare, far more common and sadly far less desirable.

We meet someone and fall for them, and before we know it, we’re altering our own schedules to meet the demands of our new relationship. It’s natural that when we meet someone we really like, we want to spend every waking moment with them. During the first couple of weeks, this can be a very good way to get to know someone quickly and forge a lasting relationship.

If you are free two nights in a week, one is for you, and the other is for your partner.

If you are free Thursday and Friday for example, let them know which is better for you. Avoid making contact so frequently, and don't always answer your phone the first time.

If you like the activity, and or like the persons company, then why shouldn't you say yes???

BUT it still seems if you really like a person, and they really like you, then why play the I am hard to reach???

Of course you have a life, and shouldn't cancel work, or plans with friends, that is a little obsessive in away, BUT well ya know???

If her other friends (not me because we don't live too close to one another) would ask her to do something on the weekend she wouldn't if she hadn't heard from him yet.

I told her that that was not a good thing to do, and that she was making herself too available to him.