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The reason for stopping at lead is because lead is not radioactive and will not change into a different element.

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The cultural period of the Stone Age that began about 2 million years ago, marked by the earliest use of tools made of chipped stone.

Next comes the Mesolithic for which varying terms are used, namely, Epipaleolithic, Mesolithic and Protoneolithic. These supposed time cultures have to be defined and this is done by means of artifacts.

The Saalian, which directly follows the Holsteinian in N-Germany, is a complex stratigraphic unit. Therefore, the Reinsdorf interglacial from the Schöningen opencast mine, where the famous spears were found is most probably 300 k.a. with Drenthe and Warthe ice advances, between 150 and 140 k.a.

Recently the Holsteinian interglacial was correlated on the basis of radiometric dates with MIS 9, 300 k.a. The Early Middle Paleolithic in the North-German Lowlands, defined by the use of the Levallois technique, comprises sites which are stratigraphically underlying the Drenthe and Warthe ice advances.

Researchers have now anayzed the remains of fossilized pollen dating back more than 16,000 years ago and which appeared on the tomb.

The Journal of Archaeological Science has devoted a special edition to all the studies conducted at this unique burial site, because there are hardly any Palaeolithic tombs like this one which is intact and which has not been contaminated.