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I am bored and want to talk." That is fine, but even if you want to engage in the second type of freewheeling text message conversation, why not start off with at least a simple, "How are you doing? So just save your fucking "Hello." It's nice to be chatted with, but start it off right.Texting is about making life simpler, not wasting time and five characters.a splendid reminder that nothing published on the web is ever meaningfully private, and will always go on your permanent record." So what do Slashdot's readers think?

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Talking that shit behind my back, dirty mackin Telling your boys that I'm on crack I just don't give a fuck!The Bad Timer: Some people think "Oh, it's too late/early to call and they'll be asleep. A phone that receives a text may still make a noise, and if you're anything like me that noise is on the bedside table and will still wake you up.Crawlers and other Web robots are the plague of today’s Inter Webs.argues files are geared toward search engines, and now plans instead to represent the web "as it really was, and is, from a user's perspective." We have also seen an upsurge of the use of files to remove entire domains from search engines when they transition from a live web site into a parked domain, which has historically also removed the entire domain from view in the Wayback Machine...We receive inquiries and complaints on these "disappeared" sites almost daily." In response, Slashdot reader Lauren Weinstein writes: We can stipulate at the outset that the venerable Internet Archive and its associated systems like Wayback Machine have done a lot of good for many years -- for example by providing chronological archives of websites who have chosen to participate in their efforts.It's super useful for clearing up old texts I want to save off my phone, but still keeping them in storage.