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South Africa's foreign ministry said it was unable to help the couple as it is a matter of domestic UAE law, the South African News24 website reports.

Mr Culverwell’s mother, Linda, said she was unable to get any answers from either the authorities in Abu Dhabi, the South African Embassy in the UAE or the South African consulate there.

This is leading a demographic imbalance in the country, the council was told, as more-and-more Emirati women are unable to find husbands."The marriage fund and the ministry of community development have to tackle this serious problem and find solutions," said Hamad al-Rohoomi, a council member who highlighted the issue on Wednesday."The figures of mixed marriages are appalling if the number of children born to foreign mothers is added to children born to unknown parents."Bond Around a quarter of marriages in the UAE are now mixed, according to the country's national council members."This affects the national identity," said Rohoomi in the council.

"If Emirati men marry expats, then who will the Emirati women get married to?

The problem, authorities in the Gulf state say, is that more and more women fall into this category: some 60 percent, according to the latest statistics, raising concerns among officials and sparking online debates as to why.

The issue has been the focus of discussions for weeks at the Federal National Council, the country's appointed consultative body, where members are scrambling to find a solution to what they believe could be a serious demographic problem.

what concerns me most, is that we actually haven’t got a clue how they are.

The South African man and his Ukranian fiancee were reportedly arrested after a doctor in Abu Dhabi who treated Ms Nohai for stomach cramps discovered she was pregnant.

Emlyn Culverwell‚ 29, and Iryna Nohai, 27, have not yet been charged by authorities in the Islamic country, who are reportedly still investigating.

The latest government statistics show that at least 20 percent of UAE men are marrying non-Emiratis.

The reasons behind this growing trend of spinsterhood are not entirely clear.