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Compare to the States Taiwan is definitely much less accepting towards LGBT folks.

Earlier this year (or late last year, dont remember) we had a protest against gay acceptance, etc.

Submit Your Dating Advice New York law firm celebrated the strength of the Royal Philharmonic.

Note this doesn't necessarily mean this person doesn't experience body dysphoria.", "Gender Variantnote Catch-all term for variations in gender apart from male or female", and "Genderqueernote Like gender variant and non-binary, is also used as a catch-all for all deviations from binary, including those in the next bullet point." are various terms used for people who reject the gender binary entirely.If these people's identities end up matching their birth-assigned gender at some points, they may consider themselves "part cis".Not to be confused with Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities), although it has been known for dissociated personalities to rarely possess a gender that does not coincide with the sex of the patient.I pass as a woman fairly well, but I'm not 100% sure I'd be able to live in stealth.Some minor hostility won't stop me, although I definitely don't want to be miserable in a foreign country for a couple years. If someone found out, would they look down on me and call me 人妖 or something?The very only dating agency exclusively for the transgendered community.