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Hijo de Martha y Theodore y nacido en Manhattan el 27 de octubre de 1858; se dice que fue un bebé particularmente bello que no necesitó prácticamente ninguna ayuda para venir a este mundo.Carducci points out the comparative lack of empirical evidence saying, “In comparison to other theorists…, Horney’s work has generated very little empirical research among personality psychologists.Although her theoretical ideas were presented in a relatively straightforward manner, they have not stimulated much interest in others to investigate their validity.The term is no longer used by the professional psychiatric community in the United States, having been eliminated from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1980 with the publication of DSM III. Neurosis should not be mistaken for psychosis, which refers to a loss of touch with reality.Neither should it be mistaken for neuroticism, which is a fundamental personality trait according to psychological theory.Each term is analogous to the concept of female penis envy, derived from the theory of psychosexual development, presented in Freudian psychology; they address the gender role social dynamics underlying the "envy and fascination with the female breasts and lactation, with pregnancy and childbearing, and vagina envy [that] are clues and signs of transsexualism and to a femininity complex of men, which is defended against by psychological and sociocultural means".