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Speaker icon gone after updating ubuntu

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The volume control icon vanished somewhere during all this. No j/k really though, when doing as you have done I accidently covered the volume icon once, so something may be covering it, other than that you cancreate a custom launcher for it, or you could put it in startup applications. I checked the "startup applications" menu and "gnome-volume-control-applet" entry has it's box checked to run at startup but it doesn't run when the system boots.If I do an alt-f2 and run "gnome-volume-control-applet". If I do an alt-F2 and bring up the run applications screen the gnome-volume-control-applet will run from there and shows up on the panel and works correctly.I tried all the methods(like adding indicator appalet)..working.I tried gnome-volume-control-applet in terminal got following message "** (gnome-volume-control-applet:6437): WARNING **: Applet is already running, exiting"pls help me..... when i click on volume icon it shows the bluetooth audio control. You have to remove(/install) packages to configure indicators icons. there seems to be no way to right click the panel in ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix, as there is no chance to click between the different icons, as there is no space between them. anything else i can do to get back an applet for volume control? i have tried to install and reinstall the realtek audio drive for my laptop acer 5570. I never thought that volume control is named as indicator applet, no wonder why I couldn't find it. and also thanks for the tip for removing mail icon, it was annoying that indicator applet comes with mail icon, now I can remove the mail icon so I can have more space in the panel :)add gnome-volume-control-applet to the startup applications (System - Preferences - Startup Applications) using the command : gnome-volume-control-applet Log off and log back in to activate, or reboot. The different users on a same computer can't make a individual choice!!! Click where the application taskbar icon is and follow the instructions above. Switch to a second desktop where you have nothing running. As far as I know, its an "indicator" icon - so notifications can be from pidgin, evolution, empathy, gwibber or whatever else that uses GTK, Gnome and any form of communication. So how are you going to restore or put the volume control icon back to the system tray inside the panel? The first thing that you have to do is remove your current indicator applet (the one with the mail icon) from the panel.Ubuntu 9.19 Using Gnome Desktop Problem: Newby messing around. Added functions from lower panel to top panel then deleted the lower panel.

I would hate to have to re-install Ubuntu just to get the icon back on the panel add to panel notification area!! You would think if you had this answer's problem you wouldn't need this answer, but then you wouldn't be thinking of me -_- Thank you for your interest in this question.Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).sudo apt-get remove indicator-application indicator-messages indicator-applet That should get rid of the other indicators, leaving you with just the volume control (as it should be). I didn't know the vol control has been grouped into a applet. When done adding it to the panel, right click the "Indicator Applet" and select "move", then move the mouse to position it where you want it. I know now why it is gone -- it got lost when I tried to remove the mail icon. It bundled with mail icon, power icon, bluetooth icon and ibus together and looks like they are double spaced. Read below to fix no sound indicator issue in Ubuntu.