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Your analysis of your local problem should give you a better understanding of the factors contributing to it.
She has called Olivia to her in a panic, and is cowering behind her desk. Which is a nice distinction to draw, but I don’t believe it coming from her because she was a Gladiator first and so she Knows Things about Fitz that would make it very difficult for her to slip into that fantasy of him where he’s a concept more than a person. ” Abby knows what she means and insists the Putney family owns Virginia. “WATCH ME,” Liv intones, and after this my notes read, “Awwww yeah,” because it’s “Car Wash” time baby, only what’s getting wiped clean is this person: Olivia walks in determined to make this woman the next U. senator, so she immediately fixes it the only way she knows how: by shitting all over this woman’s underfunded and under publicized campaign, ridiculing her tiny campaign rally, and essentially belittling her in front of every person in her office. OBVIOUSLY if this woman COULD have more people and an actual sizable rally, she would; it’s not like they are sitting around playing Drinking Jenga. Mellie is contemplating creating a Grant china pattern. She does, however, give the Reagan and the Roosevelt china the most exquisite look of desperate boredom, and Portia de Rossi strolls in to say hello, because apparently you can just walk in on the First Lady if you want. Fitz might, but he doesn’t express it, and Jake basically just tells her to shut up and have sex with him. She is feisty, though, and she jumps into action here.

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