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I was born in Europe and I have become pretty European in outlook.

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Certain newspapers, frustrated at having to restrain themselves in the spring when rumours about the Blairs' domestic crisis swept media circles, fuelled this view.

The Maryport & Carlisle Railway (M&CR) was an English railway company formed in 1836 which built and operated a small but eventually highly profitable railway to connect Maryport and Carlisle in Cumbria, England.

The Cumbrian fells, and the Lake District to the south, are places of pristine beauty, exhilarating on the eye.

But Wigton itself, though prettily situated, with views across to Silloth and the Solway Firth, comes across as a rather dour, factory town: a rabbit warren of dingy buildings and narrow streets, still bearing the scars of the depression of the 1930s.

Until recently, Bragg was regarded more as a TV presenter who wrote novels than as a major novelist in his own right.

But his literary stock has risen substantially with his two most recent novels, The Soldier's Return (1999) and A Son of War (2001).

The Nelson Thomlinson School is a comprehensive secondary school located in the market town of Wigton, Cumbria, England."You are a working peer." Knowing the insatiable appetite of cable TV, the polymath agreed. It was to plug one of his many books that Melvyn Bragg was in the ITV building this week when he encountered an old chum who asked him to go on air to do a political interview while he was there."You are a working peer." Knowing the insatiable appetite of cable TV, the polymath agreed. Next morning, his comments were splashed all over the front pages with the revelation that his friend Tony Blair very nearly quit this year over a family crisis which had put him under "colossal strain".As with many older British Secondary schools, The Nelson Thomlinson School has a prefect system drawn from the Sixth Form.However, instead of one Head Prefect or a Head Boy & Girl pair, there are five Head Prefects who each take charge on a particular day of the week.Others see him as a cautionary example of how anyone - even someone as intellectually capable (he was named recently as one of Britain's top 100 public intellectuals) and culturally sophisticated as the broadcaster, arts executive, novelist, champion of science and TV star - can turn into a blundering naive when they venture outside their area of competence, however broad, as in Bragg's case, that may be.