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), leave a message, and they often can help or direct you to a source of help. Remember though that the cement used in microscope optics changed greatly over the years and you should definitely consult the manufacturer's directions in the manual for your specific microscope. I believe that during the years above, these are the only 'users manuals' AO Spencer provided for their microscopes.25.

Also visit and query the Amateur Microscopy net which also is frequented by knowledgeable enthusiasts and, as a bonus, contains arguably the best photomicrography found anywhere in the world (professional or amateur! A good Yahoo Microscope Group thread on this topic can also be found here. Three American Microscope Builders, a publication of AO Spencer in 1943 (35MB pdf file), and about microscope builders Charles Spencer, Robert Tolles, and Herbert Spencer.

Hartley's 'The Light Microscope: It's Use and Development' is the ultimate resource. Patrick Moore has kindly hosted this file on his site.

Unfortunately, it is usually very expensive, but watch on . Why am I trying to get a copy of multiple versions?

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(note: The Zeiss document, 'The Clean Microscope', referred to in the thread, can be found here (download the brochure))can't do much better than Werner Nachtigall's 'Exploring with the Microscope'. Note: Many of these files were furnished to me by Robert Tolley, after I had contributed a Darkfield manual and the newer Series 10 manual, who in-turn, received it from others, so I believe that many amateurs have probably contributed to this collection over the years. (note: This document is housed on Eldred Spell's site).

This book is out of print but there are almost always used, as new, copies for sale either on e Bay or from for less than . -- an era in which many hobbyists' scopes were manufactured -- George Needham's 'The Practical Use of the Microscope' reigns supreme. I have since tried to add to it as documents or scans have been kindly sent to me, or I have been able to bid on them on e Bay. the 1954 edition was simply re-published from the 1949 edition) and feature the newer black scopes such as the Series 35, Scholar's Microscope, etc.

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