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Updating linkstation firmware

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Mine happens to be a Linkstation 421e (or 421ED), with installable drives of your choosing.NOTE: I performed these steps because I had placed new, unformatted drives in here.will still be stored on the device after the recovery.If you wish to recover data please contact the support team to discuss possible avenues and warranty information before following the steps below. Please download all needed files from the links below: - Firmware- TFTP Image- NAS Navigator 2.To make matters worse, I later found out that the LS220’s recovery features are stored on the disks’ /boot partition, which I had wiped while cleaning down the disks.The information available online for unbricking and/or opening the firmware of the LS200-series is… I ended up having to contact Buffalo support in order to rectify everything.Once these files have been downloaded, extract them to your desktop.

With a private cloud users’ data stays protected in the physical location of your device – not off-site in a third party’s data centre.

I’ve even provided instructions on how to open up the firmware, enabling SSH, Telnet and more.

Note that you will This step involves flashing a minimal image to the drives, allowing it to boot into EM Mode.

All you need is a Smartphone or tablet and Buffalo's free i OS, Windows or Android app to enjoy full access to the digital assets you keep on your Link Station™ 220.

A brand new UI has been designed to provide users one-click access to their most commonly accessed settings.