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Now the 28-year-old Rahway, New Jersey native looks to rebound in a highly anticipated rematch.
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Dressed for rock & roll work in a tight gray jersey, weathered jeans and sneakers, she shakes her arms and bounces on her feet like an impatient boxer. And she has a fat, torpedolike joint hanging from her mouth.

The smoking, Jett says later, loosens up the edges and range of her distinctively craggy voice.

When she steps to the mic and sings "Miss You Already," a song about loss and precious memories, her performance is feral, frayed and direct. " Laguna shouts as Jett returns to the control room. The two are soon bantering over pitch and timing – Laguna with the high-volume brio of a New York beat cop, Jett in a deep rasp – with the flammable affection of an old married couple, which in a way they are.

They have released four platinum and two gold selling albums so far out of which, ‘Dream Police’ became their most successful record to date.

So just how accurate is “The Runaways,” the new movie celebrating the pioneering female rock group that included Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie? Did Kim Fowley have local boys throw dog poop at the girls to toughen them up? It”s not the real story, but it”s not far from the story either. And again, it says we got a record deal on the road. It”s hard for me to be objective because it”s my life and Joan”s life that we”re talking about here. We went to Europe and he had his in shadow boxes, so of course we”d do anything that Robert Plant told us to do. And they busted us in Dover on the way to Paris before we jumped on the ferry. And [road manager] Scott Anderson had stashed some of his cocaine in my makeup case…We signed off on all our luggage and all of a sudden it occurs to me while I”m sitting in this cell with the girls, “Oh my God, his coke is in my makeup case and I”m going to stay in Europe the rest of my life in prison! A: What happened was this really nice guard felt sorry for us because they were really treating us badly. Europe was really tough for me, The punk movement had just come into play and they were violent and they were throwing knives at us on stage and I was just really homesick…But this guard just became very protective of me and he was the one that searched the luggage and he found it because he was looking at me. Q: What do you think when you see Dakota Fanning on screen playing you? I mean if there”s any little thing, I”d say it and Boom, it was done.

Their tracks have also featured in films like, ‘Grown Ups,’ ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Detroit Rock City’ among others.

The band is now returning to concert stage with its tour.