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Updating your nim file sets updating jailbreak

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And then IBM changed the way Fix Central works - and now it was hard to do things the way I was accustommed to. SUMA became the way - well, after I finally bit the bullet and took a serious look at SUMA. Although you can set it up to be fully automated via cron I continue using it via smit.

Automated updates could be handy for critical fixes but for my goal of centralized update management the focus is on TL (technology level) and and SP (service pack) collections. I try to avoid the defaults - you never know when defaults change and I rarely find them fit my situation. The main screen I am interested in is the Task Defaults - because here I change /usr/sys/inst.images to my preferred location.

A more extensive document about setting up NIM can be found here:

context=SWG10q1=setup guide&uid=isg3T1010383 Another interesting document which covers NIM is this: NIM Nutshell There will be a situation where you want to test a mksysb recovery to a different host.

Installing Nim is straightforward, you can follow the official instructions. On other operating systems you can run the script to compile the generated C code, which should take less than 1 minute on a modern system.

This brings us to the first interesting fact about Nim: It compiles to C primarily (C , Objective C and even Java Script as well) and then uses the highly optimizing C compiler of your choice to generate the actual program.

Very useful is also a gigabit Ethernet connection between the NIM server and the server to be upgraded, as the nimadm process copies over the client rootvg to the NIM server and back.

If the version is less recent than 1.9.0 then Nimble may have trouble using it. Nimble is now bundled with Nim (since Nim version 0.15.0).

I liked the fileset approach because I had done it that way since I got started and try not to change just for the sake of change.

SUMA (I kept telling myself) is just another interface.

The more filesets that need to be migrated, the longer the process will take.

Also make sure that openssl/openssh is up-to-date on the server to be migrated; this is likely to break when you have old versions installed.